A New Week, A New Blog

Well, so far I am the only blogger on our website. (hint, hint). That’s okay, I am having a difficult time myself trying to be creative and come up with something interesting to say. However, I think it’s important to post something this week. What’s been happening since our last chat? Well, thanks for asking. Here we go.

If you haven’t noticed,  I have become a HUGE soccer fan this year. Sure, it’s only MLS soccer, but it’s all we have. ReAL Salt Lake happens to be the defending MLS champions and Sue and I have Lions 100 club season tickets. It’s true, we’ve become HUGE fans of ReAL Salt Lake, and soccer. Our team has the chance to win the Supporters Cup this season and have the best record in MLS for 2010. At the same time, we have qualified for the CONCACAF tournament and have high hopes. Of course, we are led by our best player — #15, Alvaro Saborio, a Tico for RLS. He happens to be rocking the MLS this season and all Salt Lakers hope that he will sign a long-term contract to stay with RLS for many years to come.

So, if you are a Tico…you’ve gotta become a RSL fan. Forgive and forget — Sabo has become a Utahn. Embrace it. If you are a Utahn, you need to learn to appreciate soccer, or futbol. I mean, the rest of the freaking world loves this sport…it’s about time you learn to love it too!

Go Sabo. So ReAL Salt Lake. Pura Vida.


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