What kind of webapp could you do in 48 hours?

One like this perhaps? Or like this? How about 180 web applications done in 48 hours?

Sound impossible, well think again. The Rails Rumble competition is currently going on and the results are astounding.

There is no perfect web framework, but clearly if you want results fast and elegantly Ruby on Rails has much street-cred going for it.

If 180 apps don’t convince you, then perhaps our own personal experience might help: the Informatech.cr web page is being developed in Rails. We not only created the site, but also learned Rails along the way.

We’ll probably post in full detail our experience later, but suffice to say we only have a couple of people on it and while not exempt from the occasional frustration or quirk, the speed at which you can make changes or add features is very good. The fact that you can start immediately with a working project is a huge plus, and because there is no compile-build-deploy cycle means you can iterate faster.

Another important point, our hardware: a 256 MB RAM Ubuntu image on the Rackspace Cloud.

While clearly Ruby or Rails are not for everyone, if you can grok them, you’ll probably increase your web development productivity in most cases.


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