A great place to work

The Great Place to Work Institute reports that five trust-building  elements found in the best workplaces are credibility, respect,  fairness, pride and camaraderie.

As an employee, I had always dreamed about finding that wonderful  company where I could find all those elements but not only for me but for everyone in the company.

Through my experience  working for large organizations for years, I could have only been able to find two or  three but never all of the trust-building elements together in the same organization.

Informatech Costa Rica values creativity, quality over quantity, both task  accomplishment and individual growth, and where people act with  integrity. Informatech Costa Rica believes in a participative and person-centered management style, and  people are encouraged and expected to take responsibility for their  actions.

Our people are highly-skilled professionals, great people working as a team pursing goals in common.

Credibility, respect,  fairness, pride and camaraderie make Informatech Costa Rica a great place to work.


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