Celebrating Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

Thanksgiving is a tradition in the United States of America.  “It’s time to share with family and be thankful for all the great gifts we have in life and you are my second family…” said Phil Palmer, President for Informatech Costa Rica.

Thanksgiving week was great for all of us.  Phil’s visit opened the door to a lot of funny ideas.  We wanted this week to be memorable for everyone!  On the 23rd, the team worked hard decorating the office and the Christmas tree.  Developers and QA’s deciding if the lights were first, if they should start from bottom to top or vice versa!! The other ornaments were just placed one by one and everyone did his/her part in the “decorating mission”  Once the tree and the office were all set, a delicious smell filled the office… yummy pizza! for lunch.

But the day was just starting.  We had in mind our first Secret Santa, and of course, we had our own Santa!… Phil wore a Santa’s cap and we all sat around the tree.  Everyone got his/her gift, but we all enjoy a lot a very particular one… Michael Holst received a bag of tangerines!! and Ahmed got his green tea… double edge gifts?! Nah, who would do that?!!After sharing a delicious lunch with all our friends in the office, there was much fun to come… eggnog and Christmas cake were the perfect closing for a wonderful day.

A soccer game and paint ball were just around the corner…Some excited soccer players came in the office that day, carrying their bags with all they need to play a great soccer game!  11:45 am, time to go and play…everyone got in cars and headed to the soccer field, the sun was shining and we were all ready to show our best on the field.  We could hear “Go Sabooo!! Go”, everyone running around the field, playing soccer and the game was great, but the sun was really shining and we all started to breath faster, we needed to drink water or juice to recover breath.  After 2 minutes it is totally normal to be this tired…or maybe not?!?

Thanksgiving Day took us to a nice forest in Heredia, special clothing, paintball guns and paint balls, everything was ready!  And the “snipers”? Oh yes, they were all getting ready, putting on that special clothing given to start the game.  Girls complained about colors and fabric!! It was time to start the game, excitement arose and we were all ready to start, a lot of trees around and we could hardly hear the instructions, we wanted to start the game!!! And finally we did it, two teams and we started to shoot.  The first “painted” members were walking to the “dead zone” .  Three different games, dirty clothes, swollen feet, and some bruises couldn’t do anything against those happy faces.  They were all tired but satisfied.  We reached our goal, we made them happy.

Team work can be done easily if team members are true friends.  At Informatech Costa Rica, we are great friends and this is what creates the wonderful work environment we enjoy on a daily basis.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”–Thornton Wilder–


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