CONCACAF Semi-Finals

Saprissa of Costa Rica and Real Salt Lake will meet in the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Tournament for a home and home match beginning March 15th, 2011 in Utah and April 5th in Costa Rica.

This is the furthest that an MLS squad has ever gone in the CONCACAF tournament so needless to say that the RSL fans are pretty excited about it. Personally, I have been hoping for this match-up for several weeks now — and watching to make sure that Saprissa advanced along with RSL.

After watching Saprissa beat Olimpia last night, I immediately booked my flight to Costa Rica so I can attend the match in April. Of course, I will be in Salt Lake for Game 1 on March 15th — cheering RSL on. (Sorry Saprissa fans). And, I will be wearing my #15 jersey — Saborio. 🙂

Anyone that wishes to join me at the stadium April 5th is welcome — but just know that I will be the one guy in the stands cheering for the guys in Red & Blue.

See you all very soon.



2010: The year the Future arrived

Yep, we’re in 2011 now, but I want you to remember 2010 as the year when we arrived at the Future.

That’s right Future with a capital F, the milestome, that place that’s been theorized and promised since the Space Age arrived.

Why? Consider these two events that occured last year:

  1. A computer virus (Stuxnet) was able to penetrate and deal as much damage to Iran’s nuclear facilities as a full-blown military strike. Consider this, not a life was lost, not a bullet fired, yet because of a piece of software that had to propagate through USB thumbdrives, an entire country has been delayed years in a national endeavour. Don’t believe it? Read.
  2. Wikileaks. I think that’s all that needs to be said, but more specifically how the entire diplomacy of the world’s last superpower came to standstill because someone downloaded and posted it all online.

This is it, this is the Future. No longer are the virtual and real world separate, they’ve been meshing together and now finally the computer / Internet revolutions changed all aspects of society, world-wide.

The challenges now, are that as the Internet and computers have pushed into real-word issues, so have traditional real-world issues pushed into the Internet. In particular, censorship, like the traditional media has faced for ages from autocrats is now setting is sights on Web media. Consider Venezuela’s new Social Reponsibility in Media law.